Dead Simple by Peter James

I am currently reading Dead Simple, an exciting and compelling thriller by Peter James. It is set in and around Brighton and is The first case for Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, a down-to-earth and likeable Policeman who has a dry sense of humour and strong sense of conviction. It features a good looking entrepreneur names Michael Harrison who has it all: good looks, charm, natural leadership, a wicked sense of humor, who is due to marry his fiancée Ashley.

Then While out celebrating his Stag Night with a group of friends a few nights before the wedding Michael’s friends decide to play a prank on him as payback for the grief they suffered due to his own penchant for tomfoolery. So they decide to bury him in a remote spot. However This goes spectacularly wrong when Michael’s friends are all killed in a drunk driving accident shortly afterwards.

A few days later an increasingly fraught Ashley reports Michael missing. So Detective Superintendent Grace—himself dealing with the pain of losing his wife is brought on to the case and tries to locate Michael with no one to help, in desperation he eventually turns to an unlikely saviour for assistance, but is he too late? Meanwhile Michael becomes increasingly desperate to alert people to his presence and escape.

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