Doctor Who (Season 18)

Doctor Who Season 18 was released on Blu Ray on 18 March 2019. It stars Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse and Anthony Ainley and was Tom Bakers final season as the The Doctor before Peter Davison took over the role. Some might say It is nowhere near as good as previous series, although i think it still has it’s moments although it goes a bit ropey towards the end.

The Leisure hive
The Doctor (Tom Baker)and Romana (Lalla Ward) journey to Brighton beach. They then travel to the leisure planet Argolis in search of more excitement, however all is not right. Then a man is found dead, strangled by the Doctor’s scarf, so the Doctor is put on trial and as per Argolis archaic law, he’s made to “prove” his innocence by becoming a test subject in a new tachyon experiment with time. The result of which will prove his innocence or guilt, however This has a rather alarming affect on the Doctor. Then it is discovered the Tachyonic Generator has been part of many illicit schemes. Then an ambitious Leader tries to take over Argolis and uses it to create an even bigger threat….

The Doctor, Romana and K-9 arrive on the hostile forest planet Tygella, where the native Tygellans now live in the safety of a underground city, due to the carnivorous plants on the surface. The structure of Tigellan society is based on two castes: the scientific Savants, led by the earnest Deedrix; and the religiously fanatical Deons, led by Lexa. The latter worship the Dodecahedron, a mysterious twelve-sided crystal which they see as a gift from the god Ti and which powers the City and their entire civilization. However Once he arrives of Tygella the Doctor finds he has been wrongly accused of stealing the Dodecahedron, the city’s power source and is sentenced to be sacrificed to the god Ti for stealing the dodecahedron.

Meanwhile a villainous cactus-like alien named Meglos, who is last survivor of the hostile desert planet Zolfa-Thura disguises himself as the Doctor and with help from a band of dodgy space pirates called Gaztaks led by Grugger and Brotadac, lands on Tygella, and infiltrates the city in order to the steal Dodecahedron.

Without the Dodecahedron the energy levels of the city soon start to fail and both Savants and Deons start to panic. Meanwhile Lexa uses the situation to her own ends. The Doctor discovers that Meglos’s race perished in a civil war over the control of the Dodecahedron, which can power a weapon strong enough to destroy planets. Now Meglos is plotting a deadly scheme concerning Zolfa-Thura and Tigella which needs the power of the Dodecahedron. So Doctor must prove his innocence, escape, rescue Romana, return the Dodecahedron, confront Meglos and stop his evil plans….

Full Circle
The Doctor is summoned to Gallifrey by the Time Lords, however they land on the planet Alzarius instead where they discover a Terradonian space ship which accidentally crash landed there. They also encounter a deadly phenomenon called Mistfall, which coincides with the emergence of dangerous creatures including venomous marsh spiders and Marshmen, during which the Terradonian community takes refuge. Outside the ship, Marshmen track the Doctor, then Romana is bitten by a Marsh Spider and is discovered by a Marshman. Having reached the ship The Doctor learns disturbing about the Terradons and the Marshmen….

State of Decay

The Fourth Doctor, Romana, K9, and Adric, arrive on a planet with a feudal society. The villagers live under three lords—Zargo, Camilla, and Aukon—who dwell in a shadowy Tower, and experience a yearly ritual called “the Selection”, in which a sample of young villagers are taken to the tower, never to be seen again. The Doctor and Romana discover evidence of technology considerably more advanced than the medieval level of development of the planet. Romana suggests that there is a powerful force holding the inhabitants back.

However The Doctor and Romana are seized by cloaked figures. Meanwhile, Adric comes to the village and is caught by the owners of the feeding house. However Adric is discovered and captured by Lord Aukon, who sees him as an alien and worthy of becoming one of the ‘chosen ones’. The Doctor and Romana encounter a resistance movement at a secret base filled with forbidden technology. Including a computer And also meet a scientist named Kalmar. The Doctor also learns about a lost crashed spaceship called the Hydrax, the crew of which bear an suspiciously uncanny resemblance to the Lords of the Tower. So The Doctor and Romana decide to explore the tower and make an alarming discovery before encountering Lord Aukon who offers them both Power and Eternal Life before mentioning something about “Chosen ones” “The Great one” and “The Time of Arising”. Then King Zargo and Camilla arrive and the Doctor and Romana are imprisoned.

Luckily the Doctor is rescued by a villager named Tarak and Romana and Tarak search for Adric. Meanwhile the Doctor makes another alarming discovery concerning Lord Zargo, Lord Aukon, Lady Camilla and the Great One. Romana and Adric are captured again and Aukon again offers Adric Power and Eternal Life. Eventually, Ivo, the village Scientist gets Frustrated and decides to attack the tower With assistance from The Doctor. Meanwhile Lord Zargo, Lord Aukon, Lady Camilla attempt to summon the Great One and Romana finds herself being sacrificed at the Arising….

Warriors Gate
The Doctor and Romana attempt to escape E-Space, However the TARDIS and K-9 are both damaged . They encounter an alien Tharil named Biroc. The TARDIS is found by a damaged bulk freighter commanded by Commander Rorvik, who Romana begrudgingly assists and learns more about Biroc and the damaged freighter. Meanwhile the Doctor learns more of the Tharil’s past from Biroc and also discovers a gateway, guarded by deadly robot soldiers named Gundans. Then Commander Rorvik, endangers everyone by making a rather questionable decision and it is up to the Doctor and Romana save the Freighter and the Tharil race.

Keeper of Traken
Returning to N-Space, The Doctor and Adric are summoned to Traken, a planet of peace and harmony. The Keeper of Traken is nearing the end of his 1000-year-old reign and one of the Traken consuls is to become the next Keeper. Meanwhile the Melkur, a calcified figure believed to be a “Source of Evil” is trying to control the Source of Trakens Power and destroy the Traken Union. So The Doctor, Adric, Tremas (the Keeper Nominate) and Nyssa (his daughter) set about to stop the merciless Melkur from seizing control of Traken…

The Doctor lands on Earth meanwhile A mysterious figure in white is following him. The Doctor and Adric then visit Logopolis unaware that they have inadvertently picked up a stowaway whilst they were on Earth. Nyssa from Traken rejoins them and Adric assists the Monitor of Logopolis.

Elsewher a villainous renegade Timelord called The Master plots to ensnare the Doctor in a diabolical trap before revealing his latest evil scheme, unfortunately this has a catastrophic effect on the entire universe which begins to collapse …

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