International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day takes place annually on 1 May. It was launched on 1 May 2007 by the guerrilla gardening group The Brussels Farmers, which they declared in the Journée Internationale de la Guérilla Tournesol.

Guerrilla gardening is a growing movement to turn neglected or misused land into something useful, like a vegetable patch, or more attractive, by planting trees, or in this case, flowers. International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day has since been taken up by guerrilla gardeners in other countries. In the Southern Hemisphere, other plants more suited to its approaching winter months substitute for sunflowers


Silver Star Service Day takes place on 1 May. The event was created in 1 May 1918 and The purpose of Silver Star Service day is to honour the sacrifices made by the combat wounded, ill and dying service members. It was first suggested by the Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defenses. In 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H Res. 855 officially recognizing May 1 as Silver Star Service Day.


Global Love Day takes place annually on 1 May. It was launched on 1 May 2004 by The Love Foundation to celebrate and nurture the love we have within, which heal and transform us. The Love Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally and was the vision of Harold Becker. The purpose of the Love Foundation is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. The Love Foundation was Established in 2000 and has since become an international leading resource for sharing the awareness of unconditional love. The Love Foundation is designed to be an open organization built on the universal recognition of unconditional love and is not affiliated with any religious creed or perspective. The focus of the Love Foundation is on the personal appreciation and pragmatic experience of unconditional love and their aim is to share this timeless understanding Through education, research, and charity, and expand individual and collective consciousness.

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