Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The first film adaptation of Robert Louis Stephenson’s novel, The Strange Case of Doctor. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, called simply Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, premiered on 7 March 1908. It was based on the gothic novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, which was first published in 1886.

This cautionary tale Concerns an Eminent Doctor named Henry Jekyll, Jekyll’s friend Gabriel John Utterson and a sinister-looking chap named Edward Hyde. It begins one night when Utterson witnesses an unidentified assailant attacking one of Jekyll’s servents. Some time later Sir Danvers Carew, one of Utterson’s clients also dies in suspicious circumstances. So the Police investigate. They consult Utterson and the trail leads them to the apartment of Edward Hyde. Here they finds objects belonging to Henry Jekyll. So Utterson begins to suspect Henry and Edward may be somehow connected. Then Dr Hastie Lanyon, a mutual acquaintance of Jekyll and Utterson, also dies in suspicious circumstances, and Doctor Jekyll starts behaving very suspiciously.

Then A few weeks later Jekyll’s butler, Mr. Poole, visits Utterson and says Jekyll has been shut in his laboratory for weeks and that something must be wrong. So they break into his laboratory however even they are horrified when they discover that Jekyll had found a way to transform himself into an extremely nasty character by means of a serum. Unfortunately now, even he cannot control the transformation or the violent behavior of his alter ego and he is becoming increasingly desperate…