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Electronic 2CD Special Edition

I would like to get a copy of Electronic’s 2CD Special Edition, which is being released on 5th April 2013, after  having lost my original cassette recording some time ago. Electronic were an alternative dance supergroup   Originally formed by New Order singer  and guitarist Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. They co-wrote the majority of their output between 1989 and 1998, collaborating with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, of the Pet Shop Boys, on three tracks in their early years, and former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos on nine songs in 1995.

The two first met in 1984 when the Smiths guitarist contributed to a Quando Quango track that Sumner was producing. Later in 1988, Sumner was frustrated because his New Order bandmates were not receptive to his desire to add synth programming to their music. He decided to produce a solo album but found that he did not enjoy working alone, so he called Marr for help.Inspired by contemporary dance music like Italo house and acts such as Technotronic (Sumner even did a remix of Technotronic’s “Rockin’ Over the Beat” in 1990), their initial concept was to release white label records on Factory and remain an anonymous entity, in contrast to their considerable reputations with The Smiths and New Order. The track “Lucky Bag” and the name Electronic itself are two of the vestiges of this initial approach. In 1989, Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant suggested a collaboration when he heard of the budding partnership through sleeve designer Mark Farrow

The fruits of this union became “Getting Away with It”, Electronic’s debut single which was released in December 1989. The drums on this record were played by ABC’s David Palmer and the string arrangement was written by Anne Dudley. It was a Top 40 hit in America the following spring and they toured in support for Depeche Mode in August, 1990. After this success, Sumner and Marr took a more commercial direction, blending synthesizers, guitars and analogue technology whilst retaining the template of contemporary alternative rock. They released four albums Electronic, Raise the Pressure, Twisted Tenderness and Get the Message – The Best of Electronic.Electronic 2CD Special Edition is released 5 April 2013

1. Idiot Country
2. Reality
3. Tighten Up
4. The Patience of a Saint
5. Getting Away With It ressure
6. Gangster
7. Soviet
8. Get the Message
9. Try All You Want
10. Some Distant Memory
11. Feel Every Beat
Disc 2:

1. Disappointed (Stephen Hague 7″ Version)
2. Second to None (2013 Edit) 3:37
3. Lean to the Inside (2013 Edit)
4. Twisted Tenderness (Guitar / Vocal Mix)
5. Idiot Country Two (12″ Version – Edit)
6. Free Will (Edit) 3:04
7. Until the End of Time (Edit)
8. Feel Every Beat (2013 Edit)
9. Getting Away With It (Instrumental)
10. Turning Point (Edit)
11. Visit Me (Edit)
12. Twisted Tenderness (Instrumental)

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Bridgnorth Vintage Machinery Club Vintage Tractor Run

FordsonBridgnorth Vintage Machinery Club  hosted the Annual Shropshire Vintage Tractor Run on Sunday 17th March 2013. The run (well it was more of a leisurely trundle) involved A convoy of about 100 Vehicles which first assembled in Severn Park in Low Town after travelling from all over the Bridgnorth District to take part. before making their way up to the High Street for a Lunch-Time display. Then After lunch they then returned back to Severn Park in the Afternoon for another Display. There was also a Livestock Market at Tasley Bridgnorth. Bridgnorth Vintage Machinery Club will be hosting The  next Shropshire National Vintage Tractor Road Run on Sunday 20th April 2014 and will also be present at this years Rally in The Valley plus many other events