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Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach an old dog new tricks

I have just listened to the new Seasick Steve Album “You Can’t Teach an old Dog New Tricks” and I think it is absolutely awesome. Here is the Track listing:

    • Treasures – quiet thoughtful and reflective
    • You Can’t Teach an old dog new Tricks – rocking track
    • Burning Up – starts bluesy and gets progressively noisier
    • Don’t Know Why She Love me but she do – lively rocking track
    • Have Mercy on the lonely – is lively blues
    • whiskey ballad – lively ballad about the medicinal effect of whikskey
    • Back in the Doghouse – This is anotherlively rocking track
    • Underneath a Blue & Cloudy Sky – lively rhythm & blues track
    • What a way to go  – lively blues
    • party – lively  rhythm and blues rack
    • Days gone – This is another lively rhythm and blues track
    • It’s a long long way – is a bluesy ballad that makes you want to listen to the album again


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Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher, who used to be in Oasis, celebrates his 43rd Birthday today, when I found out earlier on, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to listen to all of my Oasis albums. I think I prefer the earlier albums, However I think that all Oasis songs are better than the majority of  modern tunes and really illustrate how rubbish some of the modern stuff  really is.

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OsFest 2011

This years OsFest takes place from Friday 27th May until Monday 30th May at The Oswestry Showground and features some really cool acts including:

  • Tinchy Stryder
  • Example
  • Take That
  • The Feeling
  • Goldie Looking Chain
  • Boomtown Rats
  • From the Jam
  • Aggro Santos
  • Mssing Andy
  • You And what Army
  • Lethal  Bizzle
  • Parade
  • The Fillers
  • Alvarez Kings
  • Revurb
  • My Forever
  • Shamanix
  • Major Major
  • Dai Roberts
  • Jklmno
  • Blindsyde
  • Libby Gliksman
  • The Queue
  • Camera
  • Andy O’Brien
  • The Taste
  • The Paris Riot Remedy

For more Information click here

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Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Ever since I heard him play at Glastonbury I have been a big fan of blues singer Seasick Steve, and I thought that his album “I Came Here with Nothiing & I’ve still got Most of it Left” was brilliant.

So when I  found out that  is releasing a new album , entitled “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” on May 30th, I immediately put it on my “To get” list. So far I have only heard the Track “Treasures” but from what I’ve heard it also sounds brilliant.

Here is the Track Listing

  • Treasures
  • You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
  • Burning up
  • Idon’t know Why she Love me But She Do
  • Have Mercy on the Lonely
  • Whiskey Ballad
  • Back in the Doghouse
  • Underneath a Blue & Cloudless Sky
  • What a Way to Go
  • Party
  • Days Gone
  • It’s a Long Long Way
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Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks from legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac, also celebrates her birthday today, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post some classic Fleetwood Mac tracks, However there are so many brilliant songs I had a really difficult job choosing which ones to post, and I could spend months relistening to all the albums again – repeatedly.

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A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter

Fast-paced Unnerving Crime Fiction novel which features a Medical Examiner named Sara Linton, who is called out to an apparent suicide at the local college where she finds that the mutilated body provides little in the way of clues. Meanwhile the college Authorities seem very keen to avoid a scandal. However for Sara and her colleague Jeffrey Tolliver something just doesn’t seem right.

Then when two more apparent suicides follow, and a woman is brutally attacked, Jeffrey discovers that a woman named Lena who left the police in unfortunate circumstances is now working as a security guard at the college, and may know more than she is letting on…

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The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter de Jonge

I am about to start reading another exciting Suspense thriller by James Patterson. This Features a Columbia Law Student named Jack Muller, wwho journeys to East Hampshire, and on arrival suspects that something is very wrong – and is proved correct when he discovers that his kid brother Peter lies dead in a morgue, with the Police calling his drowning an accident.

However Jack is convinced otherwise and sets out to uncover what really happened on the beach that night. However all he uncovers is a wall of silence and many shadowy figures protecting the wealthy residents who live there, but When a sizeable amount of money is discoved in Peter’s pocket, Jack begins to suspect that there may be far more to his brother’s demise than meets the eye.

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Happy Birthday Klaus Meine

The lead singer of Rock group “the Scorpions”, Klaus Meine, celebrates his birthday today. I’ve been a big fan of them since they released the album “Savage Amusement” in the late 1980’s, I think that album absolutely rocks! to mark the occasion here are a few songs, courtesy of YouTube: