Poetry Evening

I’ve just come back from an enjoyable Poetry Evening, which was being held at a Local Coffee Shop as part of the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, tonight there were Performances from:

  • Paul Hayden – local poet who has just been published
  • Paul Francis with the Bridgnorth Writers Group
  • Emma Purshouse – performance poet from Wolverhampton & Winner of the Much Wenlock Poetry Slam 2011
  • Theo Theobald – stand up crossed with a poet & finalist of the Much Wenlock Poetry Slam 2011
  • Brenda Read Brown – intelligent & thought provoking poetry
  • Simon Lee – dry wit with deadpan delivery
  • David Bingham – lively performance poetry

The Dreaming Tree-Grafting Lines and Spreading Rumours

Having seen The Dreaming Tree performing live on Saturday 27th August, I decided to get the album too. It’s got some really great tracks on it. It contains a mixture of Lively music, with touches of epic progressive Rock, Folky Guitar and 60 Psychiadelia, mixed with funk, 70’s inspired sound or heavy metal, with many songs starting off as laid back ballads and morphing into splendidly awesome grungy angsty rock . Many songs also deal with pertinent modern issues such as money, Globalisation, homelessness, Climate Change, loss of industry and Pollution.

Static, Corner of a Circle and Nyrolex are my favourite songs, Nyrolex reminds me of a funky Red Hot Chili Peppers rock track mixed with an epic Prog Rock track and Corner of a Circle sounds like it was inspired by Led Zeppelin

  • The Ring
  • The Changeling
  • Ashes
  • The best (Kind of)
  • Static
  • D.T.Suzuki
  • The Roads down which our Dreams and Lives go
  • Between the Lines
  • Unified
  • You’re all that ever Was
  • Nyrolex
  • Corner of a Ciircle
  • Love, Love, Love
  • Remains the Same

Red Hot Chili Peppers-I’m With You

Recently I have been listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers long awaited and much anticipated new album called “I’m With You”.
As you’d expect from the Peppers it is full of really great Upbeat, Funky, Rocking tracks, mixed with quieter ballads and Latin American influences. So far My favourite songs are Monarchy of Roses and Rain Dance Maggie.

  • Monarchy of Roses
  • Factory of Faith
  • Brendan’s Death Song
  • Ethiopia
  • Annie Wants a Baby
  • Look Around
  • The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
  • Did I let You Know
  • Goodbye Hooray
  • Happiness Loves Company
  • Police Station
  • Even You Brutus
  • Meet me at the Corner
  • Dance, Dance, Dance

Wonderous Stories – The Best of Yes

I am a big fan of Progressive Rock Band Yes. And so I decided to get this Greatest Hits Collection when it was released on Mondy 29th August, I Have already got “Fly from Here” and the “35 Anniversary retrospective” and they are both brilliant, I’ve always liked the artwork on Yes albums too. – they remind me of the backgrounds of a Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell paintings (Without the scantily clad barbarians or maidens, which some would argue are the best bits, but lets not go into that 😀

1. Siberian Khatru
2. Yours Is No Disgrace
3. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
4. Mood For A Day
5. Everydays
6. I’ve Seen All Good People (Your Move; All Good People)
7. Heart Of The Sunrise
8. Starship Trooper
9. Close To The Edge
10. The Solid Times Of Change
11. Total Mass Retain
12. Get Up I Get Down
13. Seasons Of Man

Disc: 2
1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
2. Wonderous Stories
3. Roundabout
4. And You And I
5. Cord Of Life
6. Eclipse
7. The Preacher The Teacher
8. Apocalypse
9. Long Distance Runaround
10. Going For The One
11. Parallels
12. Leave It (Acapella Mix)
13. The Remembering: High The Memory

Bridgnorth Music Fest 2011

As part of the ongoing Bridgnorth Music Fest there are more quality bands playing on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August, down on the  Quayside Stage in Low Town. Today’s line-up includes these great bands. I’ve already seen Barrel ‘o’Baddies a few times and they are great.

Shrewsbury Steam Engine and Vintage Vehicle Rally

This years Shrewsbury Steam Engine and Vintage Vehicle Rally, is currently taking place at Onslow Park in Shrewsbury on the 28th and 29th August, and once again features a large array of Vintage Tractors, Traction Engines, Steam Rollers, Stationary Farm Machinery, Steam Powered Commercial Vehicles, Fairground Organs & Showmans Engines.

In addition there are also lots more Beautifully preserved steam powered  historic Machinery, Commercial vehicles, vintage motorbikes, buses, fire Engines and classic Cars on display all set within 45 acres of Parkland.

There is also an old time fair featuring Showmans Engines, Fairground Organs, Gallopers and many other fairground rides. There are also miniature Steam Engines on display and a Craft Fair

Once again It is organised and run by The County of Shropshire Steam Engine & Vintage Vehicle Society, who this year celebrate their 50th Anniversary, having been going since 1961. So To mark the occasion they are having twice the normal number of entrants, making this their biggest Steam Engine Rally To date.

Bridgnorth Music Fest 2011

On Sunday 28th August, As part of this years Bridgnorth Music Fest 2011 there will be a concert in the High Street . I’ve been previous years and have seen some great bands including Whalebone, Shebangg and Clear Vinyl and there has also been a lovely atmosphere. This years line-up looks great and includes

Musical Youth

Pass the Dutchie     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUH1XmFb05Y

DC Fontana       

Butterfly Stone

Fight the Bear


Fake Obsession